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Pre-Construction Get Your Project Under Control Before It Starts

When it comes to accurately projecting the outcome of your construction project, planning is everything. It truly is the determining factor as to whether or not your project will be completed on time and within budget.

But, to have this kind of success, the planning needs to begin long before the design is finalized.

Unlike other companies, we believe that Pre-Construction will be the most important phase of your project.  The success or failure of most projects is determined before a shovel first hits the ground!


Excellent Team Guidance and Leadership…

“I found a very methodical approach taken in their management style which provided a comfort level with the Owner not normally expected on a project of this nature. Ryan provided excellent team guidance and leadership so there was no guessing how the project was proceeding through construction. They provided detailed explanations of the work completed on a weekly basis and outlined what future work was anticipated and how it would be carried out within the tight construction time budget.”

Dana Newbrook, ai Design, Ltd.

There is no replacing a well-thought-out and scrutinized plan.

Our Pre-Construction services provide a collaborative process between the client, architect, engineer, and our seasoned Project Management Team. Our effective time-honored process is designed to reduce risk, identify and resolve issues and account for costs in all areas of your construction project.

We work as a team during the design process for cost estimating, cost control, scheduling, value engineering, bid preparation and permitting are ongoing throughout.  Protecting the architect’s design, the client’s program, and the established budget are all parts of goal #1.

We specialize in taking advantage of some of today’s alternative project delivery systems (Construction Management and Design-Build) which may equate to substantial time and cost savings on your project.

Additionally, we bring the “builder/constructor” into the process through the programming and design development phases, which have many advantages for you. The three major areas we look at are:

    1. Constructability – Working with the design professional to ensure detailing and component decisions offer you the best value and economical construction methodology.
    2. Scheduling – Our business requires we have a dialogue with material vendors and subcontractors every day, that way we know the lead times and pricing issues today, which will avoid surprises tomorrow. As the managing entity of the project, it is our responsibility to confirm the schedule meets your requirements. Early input ensures no surprises and early buy-in by the entire project team.
    3. Pricing – Early, accurate and ongoing pricing of your project eliminates bid day surprises or an over-budget project. Pre-Construction involvement reduces the costly reality of re-designing a project that has exceeded the established budget.

The bottom line is, we understand the key to the success of any project is in the relationship and communications between the construction manager, owner, and architect.

From design conception to the day you get your occupancy permit, you can count on Ryan Construction to be there for you.

Building smart is what we do. Let us show you how easy it can be for you.